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the fully digital D-Series power sources also deliver noticeably constant arc stability. Easy operability moves through all setting options like a thread. Persuade yourself: the perfection of welding results speaks a clear language in this regard. The D-Series family possesses a rich repertoire of functionalities for the MIG/MAG or the TIG welding.The arc quality and ignition feature of the MIG/MAG impulse power source are virtually unique and enable extremely high welding speeds. The DP400 also possesses the newly developed T-MAC system (Tailor Made Arc Control System) for optimal arc length control. By using the digital interface, the DP400 becomes a robot power source.



Attribute Value
Capacity 400 A
Number of phases 3
Max. No-Load-Voltage (V) 80
Dimensions (L x W x H) 640 x 250 x 544 mm
Output Voltage Range V 12 – 38 V
Power consumption Pulse = 22 (21,5 kW) / DC = 19,7 (17 kW) kVA
Weight 45 kg
Duty cycle (10 min/40 °C) Pulse = 50 / DC = 60 %
Output current range 30 – 400 A
Supply voltage range 400 ± 15%
Max. Output Current 400 A
Max. Output Voltage 34 V