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The FD Robot series for Production and Handling applications have several advantages: They fulfill their functions at high speed and accuracy.They are suitable for Grinding and Milling. Also applications like Palletizing and Spraying are possible. The total highspeed automation enables a significant increase of productivity.

Reduced rear interference radius

increased space in the area of the hinge

Avoiding collisions

interference detection sensitivity improved (compared to previous model)

Built-in cable storage

optimally protected, neat cable layout preventing cable from getting caught during robot operation



Attribute Value
Number of axes 6
Max payload capacity 5 kg
Maximum working range 886 mm
Position repeatability ± 0.05 mm
Mass 59 kg
Driving capacity AC Servo MotorAC Servo Motor
Installation method Floor/Wall/CeillingFloor/Wall/Ceilling
Rotation/lower/upper arm Arm J1 [200°/s], J2 [200°/s], J3 [260°/s]Arm J1 [200°/s], J2 [200°/s], J3 [260°/s]
Swing/bending, torch Wrist J4 [380°/s], J5 [380°/s]Wrist J4 [380°/s], J5 [380°/s]
Twist Wrist J6 [510°/s]Wrist J6 [510°/s]