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Significant increase of the new welding robot series FD performance: the maximum speeds of the individual axes of the manipulator allow higher productivity. Reliable arc start performance for absolute welding quality and less welding spatter.

Higher payloads

up to 20 kg – also ideal for handling applications

Improved joint axis

slim arm geometry for flexible moments

Built-in cable storage

optimally protected, neat cable layout preventing cable from getting caught during robot operation

Ideal for overhead mounting

thanks to bigger working range at the rear of the robot



Attribute Value
Number of axes 6
Max payload capacity 25 kg
Maximum working range 1.71 mm
Position repeatability ± 0.07 mm
Mass 278 kg
Installation method Floor/Wall/CeillingFloor/Wall/Ceilling
Rotation/lower/upper arm Arm J1 [200°/s], J2 [200°/s], J3 [260°/s]Arm J1 [200°/s], J2 [200°/s], J3 [260°/s]
Swing/bending, torch Wrist J4, J5 [380°/s]Wrist J4, J5 [380°/s]
Twist Wrist J6 [600°/s]Wrist J6 [600°/s]