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Systems that are ready for welding in 6 standard designs

At this point we would like to supply you with suggestions that relate to the equipping of potential configurations from specific components of a system ready for welding. These contain:

  • Welding robots
  • Welding power sources
  • Torch systems
  • Fixed tables or positioners
  • Robot controler
  • Common frame
  • Housing

Example of a standard system type 01:

Welding robot with 2 working tables

6-Axis-welding robot typeFD-V6
Payload6 kg
Positioner accuracy± 0.08 mm
Working range (P-Point)R 1,402 mm
OTC digital inverter MAG welding power source, typeDM400
Range of output current30 – 400 A
Duty cycle60 %
Wire feeder4 rolls (encoder controlled)
OTC torch system typeRT3500H
Torch angle45°
Rated current/-cooling350 A / air
Shock sensorintegrated
Torch cleaning devicepneumatic cleaning + spraying
Working table
Payload2 x 200 kg
Robot controler typeFD-11
Memory capacity160,000
Task programs9999
Input/Output40 / 40 (optional 72 / 72)
ResolutionHigh resolution colour display
Control typeTeach – In