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System security with ease

Everything begins with the explanation: straight combined welding and handling tasks are intermittently connected to individual criteria, which derive security via a meaningful test series. In this regard, OTC delivers the requisite infrastructure and partnership involvement at its European headquarters with a view to carrying out complex tests for procedural tasks omitted.

Faithfull to the motto, „it is worth a try”, OTC accompanies you on your way to the ideal system solution for you. Together with us, examine how you can automate your path of production in the most precise way in terms of technical procedure.

Use the highlights of a promising study

Robot control software ensures high teact simulation accuracy

  • About simulations (use with our assistance the opportunities of a virtual robotic system, which will simplify the planning, implementation and optimisation (i. e. layout and cycle time) of automation systems).

  • About our opportunities for prototyping, in-house tests and product/new developments.

  • About the automation opportunities presented by robots (turn to the challenge of systems that are safer for the future with their interfaces, which are throughly examined In our test department – inclusive of all requirements for mechanics, electronics, software, options, Interfaces etc.)

  • For the automation of welding processes (depending on the basic parts, for identification of the necessary welding parameters as well as the periphery required)

  • For the evaluation of machining opportunities

  • For the evaluation of operational opportunities

  • … for your own fulfilment or for an increase in your commercial results